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I Refuse to Believe

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“In the current political climate, I felt it was important to make a statement and record songs that reflect my stand for peace and to share my political views. I also think it's important in trying times not to forget that humor carries a strong message, and I wanted the album to reflect that as well. The title song, I Refuse to Believe, shows my hope that no matter what, I refuse to believe that good will not triumph.”
     — Hali Hammer

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Song Samples and Lyrics:
(MP3, about 350Kb each):

  1. I Refuse to Believe... Lyrics
  2. America the Beautiful, Revisited... Lyrics
  3. Toys for Peace... Lyrics
  4. Talk... Lyrics
  5. Peace Elephant... Lyrics
  6. Patriot... Lyrics
  7. Opposition Position... Lyrics
  8. Walking by Myself... Lyrics
  9. Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream... Lyrics
  10. Arnold, Union Organizer... Lyrics
  11. Utopia... Lyrics
  12. Family of Woman and Man... Lyrics

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