(Hali Hammer)


Well, I got through watching the Republican convention
Where they tried to hook the fish on the bait
They had Pat Buchanan mouthing off in a suit when he should have worn a pressed white sheet
And Dan Quayle talking ‘bout how he went to night school
When he never worked a day in his life
And they didn’t seem to get it, Bush ain’t running for the Senate
And we don’t vote for the candidate’s wife!

Yeah, they talked about saving all the unborn children but not taking care of them after birth
And they lied straight out about environmental issues
When their administration keeps on screwing up the earth
And if there really is one, then God is a Republican - The only party with Country pride
And they made it sound like you’re the devil itself if you don’t stand on their narrow side

They should get off everyone’s back - quit being on the attack And practice
     CHORUS: Family values - ones we can all use
     If you’ve got all of the water, pass around the cup
     If you make a mess of something, then you clean it up
          Good old-fashioned family values - extended family values
          Practice the Golden Rule - Don’t Be Cruel
          Value the world and all its family, too!

Now I love little children & nothing makes me merrier than seeing a baby smile
But too many of them are never getting happy, they’re being broken as a child
There’s quality life, but then there’s misery & strife
& not everyone can make it out there
And why force a lot of women to have more children
With full jails & all the cuts to welfare

They should get off everyone’s back - Pro-Choice would be a matter of fact if there were

Now I could care less about who anybody’s sleeping with or doing when they get into bed
Specially if they’re not hurting anybody, or using them to get ahead
& those who are afraid of others pushing things on them & theirs
I tell ‘em that it just ain’t so
Cause it’s the straight men I’ve had to deal with in this life
Who won’t believe it when you just say no!

They should get off everyone’s back - show others a little respect and practice
     Practice the Golden Rule - Don’t Be Cruel - Value the world and all its family, too!