(Hali Hammer)

Now you’ve grown, my fine young son into a man, a special one
Wise of heart & old of soul, it’s time to let your life unfold

When I look into your eyes 18 years of my own go by
Baby, child & man I see as eyes so like mine are gazing back at me

You have always been so smart, and you know to listen to your heart
Your character and integrity will serve you well, no matter what may be

I trust your judgment and your mind, I trust you’ll always strive to be kind
You listen well and you empathize -
So please heed what I feel is good advice

Enjoy your life, do as you please, climb the mountains & sail the seas
Do whatever you want to do - I will always be so proud of you

Listen to your inner self - don’t judge your worth by monetary wealth
Follow the path you feel is right - always be guided by your own true light

No matter where you ever go like a river, my love to you will flow
And here’s my wish, as you go on to all things new -
May those you deal with be as wonderful as you.

So now you’ve grown, my fine young son
Into a man, a special one
Just be happy, what more can I say
Now that you’ve reached your graduation day.