(Hali Hammer)

Amy’s parents said she sang off-key
So she shut her mouth, closed off the feeling
Locked in what rose up so naturally
So the world would find her more appealing
     She’d stay up all hours & watch TV
     Humming softly with tunes on commercials
     Keeping the noise down so her folks would be
     Undisturbed by her late-night rehearsals

     CHORUS: Everyone can sing in harmony
     Though we all march to a different drummer
     It takes patience, but it’s meant to be
     For even coldest winter turns to summer

Bobby sang out loud and beautifully
All applauded his great poise and talents
But at home, the lack of unity
Left him upset and feeling out of balance
     When he couldn’t sleep he’d count the stars
     Pass the window of his bedroom cloister
     Wishing he could get away so far
     To find the blessings only love could foster CHORUS

Amy went off to another town
Found a fast-food job to save for college
Bobby bought a burger, fell in love
Now they share the highest form of knowledge
     He encourages her heart to sing
     Tells her that her voice is sweet and charming
     Says to hear her brings serenity
     Likewise, Amy finds him quite disarming
As the night comes, they hold hands and talk
Watch the sunset and the stars that follow
Before sleeping, they go for a walk
Knowing their dreams will come true tomorrow

CHORUS…Even coldest winter turns to summer