Interesting Times – lyrics

 INTERESTING  TIMES (Words & Music by Hali Hammer)


The banks have been bailed out thanks to politician’s clout

While foreclosures grow and folks can’t pay their rent

The class that’s in the middle is playing second fiddle

To the wealthiest, who are the 1%

We’ve seen the Arab Spring and the overthrow of kings

Wisconsin rallies weren’t far behind

Then we were on our feet as we occupied Wall Street

We are living in interesting times


We’re living in interesting times, We’re living in interesting times

Some say it is a curse but we could change the universe

‘Cause we’re living in interesting times


A fiscal surplus had us confident when Clinton left as president

Eight years of Bush and that went down the drain

Yes, we had some cash before we waged interminable war

And the deficit became our ball and chain

With this broken infrastructure something’s bound to rupture

Are we modern Rome in our decline?

But rather than concede defeat we take it to the street

We are living in interesting times

(Chorus/Instrumental Break)


Unemployment everywhere, corporations just don’t care

They’ve moved most of the factories overseas

As the job market has flown, rising debts from student loans

Have graduates upset and ill at ease

CEOs work to figure out how to dismantle union clout

But some day there will be payback for their crimes

Cause 99%, you see, is an extreme majority

We want democracy, and that’s the bottom line!


The Mayan Prophesy was not a death decree

Omens point to moving forward toward the light

But we need collective strength to effect a global change

Then we’ll truly live in interesting times


Some say it is a curse but we could change the universe,

‘Cause we’re living in interesting times!

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