My Dad – lyrics

MY DAD (Words and Music by Hali Hammer)


My Dad was the best gift any little girl would want to have

He would tell me funny jokes and he would talk to me

And really listen carefully to what I said


My Dad, Sunday mornings at the corner store, just him & me

He’d buy his paper and a comic, order two egg creams

And we’d sip & read on red revolving stools


My Dad bought an encyclopedia for me when I was one

Took me to Horn & Hardart where I’d mix creamed corn

And mashed potatoes to a pulp, it was my favorite food


My Dad, he’d take me to the circus and the movie shows

And even when I was 19 years old we still would go

Once a week and watch whatever on the screen


My Dad took me driving with my permit and didn’t complain

If I went fast as long as I stayed back enough car lengths

‘Cause that was more important than a little speed


My Dad, couldn’t deal when I first went with guys who had long hair

Puzzled by the changing world and all the meanness there

And the changes he was seeing now in me…


(Instrumental Break)


My Dad, getting older, now we live 3,000 miles apart

He’s far away but lives much closer in my heart

Though I often wish that he & Mom lived down the block


My Dad, we value and respect each other, it’s so nice

We have atoned for the infractions that are part of life

It’s good to love each other and to know the slate is clean

The baggage has been checked for years, so now we’re back to being

Me and my pal who’s also known as Dad…my Dad…my Dad…my Dad…

My Dad

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