All of Me (Health Care for All)

Here’s my parody of the old standard “All of Me”, updated with new words about health care.
It was a big hit when I played it at the rally I attended in Sacramento today (5/23/19) for Disability & Aging Capitol Action Day. I was the last person on stage before we marched to the Capitol where we had lunch and were briefed on what to say before we went to offices to lobby for long-term care and other issues. Left Berkeley on the bus with other participants at 8 am and got back around 5. Exhausting but productive day.

Download for chords with lyrics

Original words/music by Seymour Simons Gerald Marks
New words by Hali Hammer

All of me, health care for you and me
Co-pay free, with a choice of providers

Eyes and teeth – Don’t want to lose them!
Local clinics – I want to use them!

Say goodbye to costs that soar sky-high
Middlemen – we’ll do better without them

Long-term support, you won’t get sold short
With Medicare for you and me!

All of me, health care for you and me
Guaranteed from pre-birth to departure

Change your job, and you won’t lose it
Unemployed? You can still use it

Dignity, no fear of bankruptcy
When in need, everybody’s covered

Let’s win the fight, good treatment is our right
With health care for you and me!