Progressive Majority Creative Network website and facebook page!

Are you an activist performer, or looking for one? If you would like to join our network of performers, we will provide a page for you, and you can make it your website! If you are looking for an artist, type their name or a city and state in the search field. Those with existing websites can link to your page from our network, and those without a website will now have somewhere to post their work. Go to

The purpose of this site is to provide a place where activist musicians, performance artists, comedians and those from any other genre can promote their political material. Our hope is that performers will be made aware of and contact each other, and that those looking for performers for various causes will have an easy way to contact them.

The first step is to fill out our Contact Information Form, and we can create your page. We will send you directions on how to copy and paste information about you on your page.

Your name will also appear in an index so that anyone accessing this website can search by specific person or city and state.

You are free to add personal information and links or other postings on your page.

NOTE TO EVENT ORGANIZERS: Think of your event as a living organism. We all need to breathe in and breathe out. Think of the breathe in as speaker and the breathe out as musical interlude. Speakers require attention and focus. After about 4 or 5, most people find it hard to maintain concentration. How long can you breathe in? Add some music or performance art for the breathe out. Performance by its nature is participatory. Voila! Now people can once again breathe in all that important information when the next speaker appears onstage.

We have also set up a facebook page where you can post upcoming events, comments, information, etc.