Redwood – lyrics

REDWOOD (Words and Music by Hali Hammer)

I am a mighty redwood, I have no need of name

I’ve stood my ground since many years before the humans came

And I can tell you stories wise with growth of many years

If you care to learn my language

If you listen, you will hear


Oh, I was just a sapling ‘bout 1000 years ago

The air was sweet and animals were the life to come and go

The few Native Americans had respect for things alive

They understood the give and take it takes life to survive


When I was ‘round 500 a fire spread far and wide

It seared my branches, burnt this scar you still see on my side

The forest grew back green again – it took many rings of time

Till birds nested in my boughs again and squirrels returned to climb


Now I stand tallest of the trees, my roots trail through the ground

My limbs, they sweep the sky above, my cones grow firm and round

My needles reach up to the wind that moves off to the sea

But I can sense things far and near that are disturbing me


Man used to come and clear away the deadfall from this place

We didn’t mind, but now, they’re in some kind of human race

They cut and kill and take to mill what they never can put back

How long do they think that the earth will stand for this attack?


Now I hear through vibrations from my cousins the world ‘round

It’s not just California humans strip down to the ground

The mighty seas are clogged with oil – a hole burns to the sun

So widespread even humans note that damage has been done


I am a mighty redwood, I’ve long lived on this earth

I stand here tall, but I may fall once loggers eye my girth

So I ask of you whose hearts are true, spread far and wide the song

Please hear my plea – let the earth be – before all life is gone

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