Hi All,
My new CD, “Days of My Life”, has finally arrived!

You can listen to a sample of each song on the HearNow site and get digital downloads from several sources at:

If you’d like a physical copy, you can do one of the following:

1) If you’re local, call me at (510) 649-1423 or email me at [email protected]. If you pick it up, it will be $10. Or for $15 I can either deliver it to your house or mail it to your address. Cash, check or PayPal.

2) If you’re not local, send a check made out to Hali Hammer for $15. Include your address and I’ll mail it out to you. Mail your check to: Hali Hammer, 1609 Woolsey Street, Berkeley CA 94703

3) If you prefer to order through PayPal, send the $15 payment to [email protected]. Drop me an email with your snail mail address so I know where to send the CD. – Thanks and Love, Hali

If you want to order a download card, you can send $6 to my PayPal account using my email address, [email protected]. Then email me so I can send you the link. Or you can order it through HearNow (see above).

Here are the lyrics to the songs on the CD:

This song is an homage to my friends and family.

This ballad includes a wonderful pedal steel break by David Phillips.

My “old English Ballad” evoking the memory of Camp Decadence at Camp Mather in the days when we camped there at the Strawberry Music Festival.

I wrote this at the Kate Wolf Festival years ago after a conversation with friend Rich Chamberlain about our having a luau at Strawberry.

In honor of Jon Fromer, it’s applicable to the many activists who keep our spirits up and our hearts and souls going.

This is all true! My teenage years would not have shaped me into the person I am without my best friend Marlaina. We’re still friends to this day, as we have been since age 11!

Written from the perspective of the Statue of Liberty singing the song.

Those were the days!

I wrote this after seeing my daughter making the same mistakes I had at her age. The story of my young life.

I’m so glad that I can be with Randy during this pandemic for many reasons, music and companionship being way up there…

I’ve been singing this lovely Emmylou Harris song for many years. It’s the only song on this CD that’s not written by me.

The saga of when my mom moved in with me after my dad passed away and brought many, many things with her from NY.

Here’s a happy birthday song for our generation.

With a great violin accompaniment by Suzy Thompson, it’s the only swing song I’ve ever written, though that’s music I grew up with.

My anthem of hope. It’s great to be able to sing it now with a fresh start for America.