Eclectic Circus - Hali Hammer
Eclectic Circus – Hali Hammer

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“The influences are traditional, but diverse, and the highlight is Hali Hammer’s crystal clear singing…throughout an honesty is present; you sense that Hali’s heart is in this at least 100 percent”
— FACE IT! Magazine

“The power of her voice and emotions were overwhelming.”
— New Paltz Oracle

“Her clear, strong voice has the power to quiet the noisiest room and force people to listen to her lyrics. Words that seem to straddle the deep, rich guitar chord and force themselves on the listener’s consciousness”
— Poughkeepsie Journal

“There’s a different excitement, and a good one, in the feeling that somebody brand new could happen here tonight…(with) the essential, mysterious it that can carry them who knows where…Hali Hammer…a convincing singer and an ear for a line. “It”, definitely this time, from moment one…”
— John Storm Roberts, Sunday Newsday

“She is not an amateur. She doesn’t take forever to warm up like some inferior musicians do. If a waitress drops a glass or a drunk gives a yell, she can handle the situation. She places her left hand across the neck of her guitar and she goes on and on.”
— Kingston Freeman

“Gotta say: The recordings of your music which you sent me a month or so ago: “The Best of…” and “Gypsy-O” are just DYNAMITE!! You write greeeat topical songs, Hali! Right up there with Malvina. Must be something about the Bay Area water…No, really: I can hardly wait to play some of your stuff on “Women’s Voices”!–and I’ll play LOTS of it, believe me! Please keep me in mind when you put out anything else!!…With a big smile on my face I thank you once again for your music and your sensibility–not to mention the gift of your voice…
— Gerrie Blake, “Women’s Voices” KUNV 91.5fm, Las Vegas, Nevada

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