Coming Out of Stagnation

Here’s my new song – it should boost your spirits, that’s what it’s for! Enjoy.

And here are the lyrics:


C   G  C     2020, what a year

F    C         Worries and tribulation

F C G C    But now the coast is almost clear

F   G   C    We’re coming out of stagnation

C   G  C     Time to breathe more easily

F     C        I got my vaccination

F C G C    Now I’m close to feeling free

F  G   C     I’m coming out of stagnation

E    Am     I can hug my family

E    Am     See my friends at last

D    G        Leave the house so gratefully

D    G        But I still need to wear my mask

C   G  C     When the world is back on track

F     C        There will be jubilation

F C G C    We’ll be thrilled and that’s a fact

F   G   C    Coming out of stagnation   (Instrumental)

E    Am     Right now we are feeling shock

E    Am     Like we’re crawling out from beneath a rock

D    G        Looking round and taking stock

D    G        But in time it will be over

C   G  C     One day this will all be past

F     C        Time for celebration

F C G C    Life will normalize at last

F   G   C    When we’re out of stagnation

Whistled verse – F  G  C   Coming out of stagnation